ASSIST trauma care

Offers a helpline for support with trauma, information about types of trauma and links to formaltherapeutic help to those affected by trauma.

Helpline: 01788 560 800


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder page including information on causes, treatments, self-help options and a list of other useful contacts and webpages

Moodjuice PDF

PDF that explains a variety of techniques for dealing with the symptoms of PTSD including relaxation techniques, negative thought records and exposure plans – very simple layout and easy to follow

PTSD Coach Online

A comprehensive set of videos and worksheets produced by the National centre for PTSD giving ideas on how to cope with specific aspects of PTSD including sleep problems, trauma reminders, avoidance of stressful situations and lots more.


A charity aiming to educate and raise awareness of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder including information on what PTSD is, how to help friends/family with PTSD and options for formal treatment or self-help for PTSD.

Hypnotherapy Directory: PTSD

Information on PTSD and help available.

Last Checked 25th February 2017