The Info Hub is where you'll find a wide array of useful information, resources and links from trusted sources on everything from contraception and mental health to takeaways and taxis. 

General Links

We also have some general links below to frequently used services:

Advice Guide  

The Citizens Advice Bureau website, which provides advice on various topics, such as benefits, employment, tax, debt, family, health, housing, education, communications, consumer affairs, travel, discrimination, civil rights, immigration, and the legal system.

The government website, which includes information about a wide range of issues, including education, housing, money, travel, employment, health, and lots more.


Information on a range of mental health issues.


UoY Student Support

University of York student support hub, for information such as finance, wellbeing and academic progress.  

YSJ Student Services

York St John University student support hub, includes information such as disability support, accommodation and finance.


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