+ What is Nightline?

Nightline is a student-run, confidential listening, information and sexual health supplies service for the students of the University of York and York St John University. We have two trained student volunteers on duty in our flat from 8pm to 8am every night of the University of York term. We can be contacted on the phone, by email, or by dropping in to our flat.

+ Who runs Nightline?

Nightline is run entirely by student volunteers from the University of York, and York St John University. Nightline volunteers are anonymous. There are, however, ‘Public Faces’ who represent Nightline on campus, and maintain links with the University and its students.

We are not run by either University or Students' Union and we have no political or religious affiliations. We will not judge you because of what you say; we will not assume things about you; and because we do not know what’s best for you, we will not try and tell you what to do.

+ Is Nightline run by the Students’ Union?

No. Nightline is an internal affiliate of the University of York Students Union so, while we get our funding from them, we are not run by them. Nightline is run internally by Nightline volunteers.

+ Is Nightline confidential?

Yes. Nightline is a completely confidential service. We will not disclose anything you choose to tell us to anyone outside of Nightline, and we don’t keep a record of any details discussed within a call. The only exception to this being that Nightline as an organisation has a legal responsibility to report information which may lead to the arrest of terrorists or information that suggests, or directly informs, that children are or have been at risk either physically, emotionally or sexually.

+ Why are Nightline volunteers anonymous?

All of the Nightline volunteers who take calls from students are anonymous. This is so as to ensure that volunteers only represent Nightline when they are on duty, and when they are off duty, they are just like every other student. The exception to this are our Public Faces, who no longer take calls.

+ Does York Nightline cater for York St John University?

Yes! Nightline caters for both University of York and York St John University. Callers from YSJ will receive an identical service to UoY, and are welcome to use any our phone and online services, as well as visit our flat at the University of York. The only exception is that we are unfortunately unable to send sexual health supplies directly to York St John students, but we can provide information as to where they can be acquired. Our online Info Hub has information which applies to members of both Universities, and a YSJ equivalent should always be given when a UoY service is offered.

If you are a York St John Student, please feel free to check out our YSJ Info Page for more details.



+ Where is the Nightline flat?

The flat is based on the ground floor of Grimston House. Exact location is provided on this map.

+ What can I expect if I contact Nightline?

The flat offers a calm, comfortable atmosphere, where our volunteers will give you space to go through any issues you are facing, in complete confidentiality. No records are kept about our callers and we won’t ask your name. You don’t need to have a problem to call – you may simply be bored and want a coffee and a chat in a quiet and relaxed environment.

We have information on all sorts of topics, ranging from takeaway and taxi phone numbers to welfare helplines and campus services. Even if you just want a takeaway number at 2am, Nightline is here. If you do have a problem, our volunteers are here to listen and talk it through with you.

Nightline also offers condoms, pregnancy tests and chlamydia tests free of charge.

If we do not offer the service that you are looking for, we will probably be able to tell you who does.

+ What information does Nightline have to offer?

Nightline stocks a variety of information, from restaurant and takeaway numbers, to taxi numbers, helplines, university information, bus and train timetables, leaflets about mental health issues, sexual health, drugs, housing, pregnancy, money issues and many more topics. For more examples of information we hold, check out our Information Hub.

+ Is it possible for information and sexual health supplies to be sent to me?

Yes, though only if you are a member of the University of York. We are able to send information, pregnancy tests, condoms, lubricant and chlamydia test kits through the University’s internal mail system. In order to take advantage of this service, you will need to phone or email us with your full name and college. Requested items can be collected from your college porters (or mail room). All items should be available within 48 hours of you requesting them, though they are often available more quickly than this. For more information on sexual health supplies, please find our info page here.

We are unfortunately unable to deliver information or sexual health supplies to members of York St John University. However, our York St John Info Page does detail where you can find free sexual health supplies, and YSJ students are free to visit, call, IM, email or use our Info Hub to acquire information.

+ Do I have to have a problem to use Nightline?

No. While Nightline is a listening service and will speak to you about any issues you choose to raise with us, we also welcome anyone who just fancies popping in for tea or coffee and a chat. You can also call if you want to pick up condoms, lubricant, pregnancy tests, chlamydia test kits, or information.



+ How do I go about becoming a Nightline volunteer?

Go to our volunteering page and read about what it’s like volunteering for us. If you like the sound of it, fill in the form, and we’ll get back to you.

+ Can I donate to Nightline?

Yes! The header of our Fundraising Blog details methods by which you can donate to help support the service. This includes text-to-donate, JustGiving, EasyFundraising and our charity pots. The blog itself also details events we're holding, where all profits will go to improving the service for callers and volunteers alike.

+ I have feedback for Nightline, where do I send it?

See our feedback form page for more details!

+ How can I suggest things to be added to the website?

Feel free to email the Nightline website team at yorknightlinewebmanager@gmail.com.