What is York Nightline?

Nightline is a confidential listening, information and sexual health supplies service, run by students for students. We are open from 8pm until 8am every night of the University of York term.

Nightline is staffed each night by two trained volunteers – one male and one female when possible. All of our volunteers are students of the University of York or York St John University, and include people from all disciplines and years.

Our organisation is 100% confidential. We don’t keep any records of individual callers, we won’t ask your name, and anything you choose to tell us will remain completely confidential. We are a listening service, not a counselling service, so we won’t try to tell you what to do. If you want to talk something over in a quiet and relaxed environment, or even if you just fancy a cup of tea or coffee and a chat, Nightline is here for you.

Although Nightline volunteers do not offer advice, we have a wide range of information, and can point you in the direction of someone who can. Have a look at our information pages for more details about the sort of information that Nightline can offer. In addition to information and listening, Nightline offers a range of sexual health supplies free of charge. These include condoms (including non-latex), lubricant, pregnancy tests and chlamydia test kits.

There are four ways you can talk to us: by dropping in to our flat, by phoning us, by instant messaging us or by sending us an e-mail.

Our Principles

These are the values and beliefs that underpin our service. We are:

  • Confidential All calls to Nightline are confidential: we won’t divulge anything in your call to anyone outside the service.

  • Anonymous We won’t make any attempt to find out who you are – we won’t even ask your name. Nightline volunteers are anonymous themselves. The reason that Nightline volunteers remain anonymous is to make clear that they only represent Nightline while on duty, and that when not on duty they are just another student. The only exceptions to this rule are our Public Faces. However, they no longer do nights or take calls.

  • Non-Judgmental We have no political, religious, ethnic, cultural, political or moral bias. We accept and respect the views of any caller, and we won’t criticise or judge you for anything you’ve done.

  • Non-Directive We won’t try to steer you towards any particular course of action, or try to get you to think about your situation in any particular way.

  • Non-Assumptive We don’t make assumptions about our callers; we let our callers explain their situation in their own words and in their own time.

Getting in touch

For all business, journalistic, and patronage inquiries email us at nightline@yusu.org.

For all volunteering and training inquiries email us at yorknightlinetraining@gmail.com.

If you have any feedback for the service, please visit our feedback page for further details. Any feedback directly related to the info hub can be submitted using the form on the info hub homepage.

Alternatively, you can find us at:

Grimston House, University of York

You can also contact Nightlines' coordinators by mail via:

The Coordinators of Nightline
c/o Vanbrugh Porters
Vanbrugh College, University of York
YO10 5DD