Nightline is staffed each night by two trained volunteers – one male and one female when possible. All of our volunteers are students of the University of York or York St. John and come from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines and years.

Our organisation is 100% confidential. We don’t keep any records of individual callers. We won’t ask your name. Anything you choose to tell us will remain completely confidential. We are a listening service, not a counselling service, and as such we will never try to tell you what to do. If you want to talk something over in a quiet and relaxed environment, or even if you just fancy a cup of tea and a chat, Nightline is here for you. 



You can call us on 01904 323735, every night of the University of York term, from 8pm until 8am. Optionally,  you can use 3735 to call us free from any University of York internal campus phone.


Nightline provides an Instant Messaging service which you can find here. Prefer to email? Feel free to drop us a line at any time, day or night, and we will reply to your email within 48 hours.


If you visit our flat, our volunteers will offer you the same level of confidentiality, non-direction and non-judgement as you would get on the phone. The Nightline flat is open every night of the University of York term, from 8pm until 8am.


We can also usually be found in Lakeside Pod 3 on Heslington East from 8pm until 11:30pm. The service offered is exactly the same as that in our flat, with the same information available and confidential listening offered.